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#NewProfilePic January 2022

The Irish Perioperative Medicine Society (IPOMS) is launching a new initiative for 2022!

Each month, a new Social Media (SoMe) editor will be in charge of the official IPOMS twitter account (@IPOMS4)

Our first SoMe takeover will be IPOMS committee member Siobhán Clarke.

Siobhán is a Specialist Anaesthesiology Trainee working in Dublin. Her interest in perioperative medicine is in equal parts practical and academic. With more people on surgical waiting lists than ever, Siobhán has an interest in seeing where anaesthesiology has a role in improving patient flow.

As a junior anaesthetic trainee, Siobhán feels best placed to reach out to peers across a wide range of medical and surgical specialities with a view to promoting sustainable perioperative medicine practices in Ireland.

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